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Liverpool Shopping Tips

By kroberts 15 May 2019

If you're new to the city, and the UK more generally, we thought a guide to some of the places you can buy different things might be helpful...

There are lots of supermarket chains around the city, catering to a range of budgets and preferences. Aldi and Lidl are usually great for cheap food, whilst stores like ASDA and Tesco tend to have the biggest stores with the widest range of items on sale. You'll find a mix of larger stores and smaller 'convenience' stores, sometimes from the same chain.

Larger supermarkets near Campus:

Smaller supermarkets near Campus:

Specialist supermarkets:


Markets are also a good way to buy food like fruit and vegetables cheaply, as are shops like fruit and veg grocers. Have a look at St John's market in the city centre, and others locally.

Other stores to look out for:

Some other shops that are worth visiting are places like Home Bargains, B&M Stores, and Poundland. These shops are discount stores that offer a range of homewares, kitchen items, toiletries, cleaning products, some food items (tinned, packets etc, not usually fresh food), stationery and other items at a cheap price. 

Near to Campus:

Happy shopping!!

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