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Revision Advice

By kroberts 05 Apr 2019

We know preparing for exams can be stressful, so here's some advice on how to make your planning and preparation lead to the success you deserve.

  • Start earlyWhilst it's always handy to refresh your knowledge right before the exam, you'll want to feel prepared well in advance of the big day! A timetable can really help you keep structure and you can find loads of help making your own study planner online.
  • Take breaksAim to work for between 60-90 minutes, then break for 30. It'll help you remember more of what you're studying, and will give your brain a rest while you do your own thing.
  • Healthy revisionMake sure you're drinking plenty of water, eating well, and getting plenty of sleep. Your physical health is just as important as your mental health to get you through this stressful time.
  • Incentivise your studiesThink of things you want to do - go to the cinema? Go out? Then set goals in your studies and use these as the rewards. It will make the hard work that little bit easier.
  • Find the environment that works for you. If you work better alone, then it makes sense to do this, likewise it may help you to revise socially and discuss your ideas. You can take handy quizzes to figure out what learning style works best for you. 
  • ... and our number one tip, turn your phone off!Well at least on silent. If you really struggle to keep away from your phone you can set 30 minute alarms and make sure you don't look at your phone until it goes off. Trust us, there is nothing more distracting (or more of a waste of valuable revision time!), than scrolling on Instagram. 

The university's KnowHow service offers a series of workshops and events to help you improve your revision technique and prepare for exams. Find out more here

Revision techniques

KnowHow has a great online resource that helps you explore a variety of ways to revise in their Revision module. This takes about 30 minutes to complete and really helps you perfect your revision tactics.

How to manage your nerves

Exam stress is vital for effective performance, yet many of us do not know how to respond to it. Consider practical ways of managing nerves more effectively and find strategies that will allow you to better prepare for exams. The university Counselling Service offers free and confidential advice to both students and staff and can provide help with exam relaxation techniques.

Sitting your exam

As well as revising, you can do a lot to prepare for the exam itself. How do you choose and interpret exam questions on the day? What do you do if your mind goes blank? Explore some great tips to prime you for your exam in the Sitting an exam module.‌

Good Luck!


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