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Timetabling news for our Academic staff

By AlexSandT 22 Sep 2019

Welcome from the Timetabling Team!

As you may have noticed, we’ve implemented a new process for Student timetables this year...

A students timetable is now based on their module enrolments. If a student isn’t enrolled on a module, the events won’t appear on their timetable.  The exceptions to this is when we create manual groups for events which don’t have a module associated with them, i.e. inductions, full programme meet up sessions etc. Previously there was no way for induction or meet up events to appear on the Students timetable. Hopefully, this has made for a much more robust Student timetable.  This new way of attaching Students to timetabled events also makes it much easier to problem solve individual issues with a Student’s timetable. 

Next year, we hope to include more information on Student timetables, including the week 1 induction sessions for new and DE Students.

We started building the 2019/2020 timetable in February 2019 and the first time ever we rolled over the previous years’ timetable as a starting point for the 2019/2020 timetable. This, along with a  new approach for constructing the timetable, was designed to give a much more robust timetable for both staff and students and it seems to be working. 

Post publication change requests are substantially lower than last year:

  • Requests to make changes to the published timetable are over 78% lower than this time last year
  • Outstanding change requests at the end of each day are on average over 94% lower than at the same time last year so the changes we are receiving are being actioned quicker than before. We are pretty pleased with that, and from your feedback so far, so are you.

The feedback from you on CELCAT AutoCal (the package which automatically updates your timetable in your Outlook calendar) has also been overwhelmingly positive.

Almost all staff have reacted positively to the ability to see their timetable in their Outlook calendar without the need to subscribe to or add additional feeds .  There are further benefits by Staff who share their calendar with colleagues. This allows them to see each other’s teaching commitments much easier compared with the old iCAL calendar feeds.

While we think the improvements that we’ve introduced this year improve both the staff and student experience, we would welcome your feedback, both positive and negative. We believe that working together with you, we can continue to improve and continue to deliver a timetable earlier giving both staff and Students time to plan.

Let us know what your thoughts on the timetabling process (good and bad) and we’ll strive to improve further in future years.

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