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5 tips for coping with homesickness at Hallam

By JordanBrowzer 25 Feb 2019

Despite how awesome Sheffield is you might get homesick from time to time because let's face it, there's no place quite like home!

Check out these top tips for coping with homesickness at Sheffield Hallam:

  • 1) Keep in touch

    Letting people know how you are feeling can help you feel more supported, whether it's a friend, Student Wellbeing Services or a family member! Your accommodation might also have a team of people that are there for you to talk to - The Pinnacles has a group of student block reps who are there to help you with your time at uni as well as acting as a student voice for any problems or concerns you may have.
  • 2) Stay Busy

    As hard as it can be at times, staying in your room alone can make feeling homesick much worse; socialise and try to stay busy to keep you distracted and have a more enjoyable time. Engage in fitness classes, local events or meet up with friends as much as you can. The Pinnacles now has a brand new social room with cinema and gaming area so you can make new friends and socialise in your spare time! There are also free events throughout the months to help you to meet people.
  • 3) Stay Active

    Another way to tackle feeling homesick and give those endorphins a boost is to stay active and keep fit. There is a reason staying fit and active is so commonly recommended; it really works! You could go for a run, participate in weekly fitness classes at Hallam Active or just go on a walk with your friends - anything to stay active each day can help you to feel more positive. At The Pinnacles there is a free gym and personal training sessions you can sign up to, not only to stay fit but also to help you make new friends.
  • 4) Get Enough Sleep

    Getting enough sleep is vital to staying positive and feeling refreshed each day; it can help with feeling homesick because you will have a clearer mind and be able to cope much easier with the feelings of homesickness.
  • 5) Be Organised

    Getting enough sleep can also help with staying organised; being motivated enough to finish all of your work on time, socialising and staying active means that you will have little time doing nothing in your room. It also means that you can get everything done in time for deadlines so that you can schedule your trips home in the upcoming weeks.

Homesickness is a common problem for students at uni, but through socialising, exercise and sharing your problems you can learn how to cope with the feeling so that you can have a more enjoyable time away from home.

And remember, if you're really struggling, you can always Skype/Facetime home or jump on the train/coach and visit!