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Amy's Blog: Your Autumn essentials

By SHUAmyBlogger 29 Sep 2019

There's an increasing chill in the air that signals the promise of cosy evenings cuddled up with a warm drink.

However, you also need to be prepared for last-minute dashes outside to the shops so this guide will help provide you with ideas to establish a simple Autumnal wardrobe, which prevents you from freezing.

Scarves are the best investment because they can be thrown on over outfits as a shield against the nipping wind. Therefore, I would recommend getting one that is long so it can be worn two ways: wrapped around your neck or casually hung down.

Bright colours and patterns may be the most tempting but you have to imagine it working in harmony with the rest of the pieces in your wardrobe. Browns, rusts and burgundy shades are the most popular for this time of year because they reflect the autumnal leaves. Some of my favourites at affordable prices are:

(Also remember to check for student discounts for even better deals).


A thick coat is another wise item to own because the chance of snow is (hopefully) high and getting caught out unprepared ruins the ‘countdown to Christmas’ mood. The best style to go for varies on your personal taste but I would recommend the coat to have are: a thick lining like Sherpa which is basically a portable blanket; a hood to be able to cocoon yourself against those harsh breezes that trespass down your neck; and for the outside to be slightly showerproof because it ruins the fun if you end up sodden after getting caught out in a snowstorm.

A few of my favourite picks are:


Cosy cardigans are perfect to curl up in and snuggle in at home. Embrace the heavy knits as they have been reinvented to seem youthful rather than typically grandma-ish. It saves a lot of money on heating as it keeps off the hints of coldness in your accommodation. I throw on mine as soon as I get home as it is a relaxing alternative to pyjamas so your flatmates won’t presume you are constantly about to go into hibernation. Also, it makes you feel a lot more prepared when last-minute plans are made and you don’t get the dread of having to redress from the warm depths of your furry onesie. 


Ankle boots are the highlight of this season because they give you an effortlessly chic edge to your outfit. Shoes are often the most overlooked item of clothing but they are one of the most important to ensure comfort, given that without the correct fit even walking can become a struggle. It is worth investing more in a high-quality pair of shoes that fit your feet perfectly because you will get the most wear out of them. For such a basic boot there is so much potential to be able to express your individual tastes.

Since it is winter, my top tip is to always search for a waterproof pair or, if that isn’t possible, buy some waterproofing spray to use religiously as the frostbite from sleet soaked shoes isn’t worth it.


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