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Getting around campus

By JordanBrowzer 20 Sep 2019

If your new to the city and Sheffield Hallam University - Sheffield can seem a big place!

Sheffield Hallam has buildings across two campuses - City and Collegiate which are about a 20 minute walk from each other. Which campus you're based at depends on which course you are doing.

Map of City Campus


If you're studying a sports course or playing for one of our teams you might also spend time at the following locations which you can reach by bus or tram. 

The English Institute of Sport Sheffield

Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park

Sheffield Hallam University City Athletic Stadium

Finding a room in one of our City or Collegiate Campus buildings

Your timetable will include room numbers to tell you where you need to go for lectures and seminars. Room numbers will usually be between 3 to 6 digits. The digits help you identify which building the room is in, which floor it's on, and the actual number of the room.

City Campus

2 - Harmer
3 - Eric Mensforth
4 - Sheaf
5 - Howard & Surrey
6 - Adsetts
7 - Stoddart
8 - HUBS, the Students' Union building
9 - Cantor
10 - Arundel
12 - Charles Street
15 - Aspect Court
16 - Sheffield Institute of Arts (SIA)
NO - Norfolk

So in the example below the room 9202 is in Cantor (Building 9), Floor 2, Room 02 - 9202!


The Owen Building has no number and only uses three digits, so 941 is room 41 on floor 9 of the Owen Building.

Collegiate Campus

Buildings at Collegiate are identified by the use of letters:

A - Collegiate Hall
B - Saunders Building
C - Library
D - Main Building
F - Robert Winston Building
G - Woodville
HC - Heart of the Campus
N - The Mews
R - Willow Court 
S - Chestnut Court

Use your SHUcard at all outlets across the campuses to earn loyalty points and get money back!

For more info visit the way finding web pages.