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How green are you?

By JordanBrowzer 24 Apr 2018

You might think that recycling is a pain and requires a bit too much effort...

Well hopefully, this shows you how easy it really is!

Think before you throw things away because making a difference starts with only a few small changes.

Not sure where to recycle? At Sheffield Hallam we ask you to 'Do the Right Thing' and recycle, that's why all of our mixed recycling bins are on the 'right' hand side. You can recycle your waste across both City and Collegiate Campus and in all buildings belonging to the University.


We are a zero waste to landfill university so the waste that we can't recycle is incinerated locally and heats more than half of our buildings. We're also the first uni in the country to trial coffee cup recycling pods which can be found in Chef Hallam Central, Cutting Edge and The Granary.


Living in halls? Ask at your accommodation reception to find out what recycling facilities they provide for you. Think before you throw things away as your small changes can make a big difference. Did you know that recycling 1 glass bottle saves enough energy to power a TV for 4 hours? Your actions make a difference so do the right thing and recycle!

Follow SHU Sustainability to keep up to date with all the latest sustainable initiatives at Sheffield Hallam.

Stay green!